The Sussex Economic Development Action Committee (SEDAC) was founded after the 2007 Sussex County Today and Tomorrow Conference.  That conference focused on economic development and this committee is responding to that need. We are Sussex county citizens interested in taking action to strengthen economic development efforts and bring jobs and prosperity to our community.

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in Economic Development within Sussex County and al the things associated with ED. SEDAC has interest in growth, jobs, education, healthcare, quality of life and all Sussex County has to offer.  It is our goal to be a resource for any business or potential business looking to come to Sussex County. We are currently meeting the 4th Friday of each month from 9 – 11 am and via Zoom. If interested in attending a meeting please email Linda Price –

  • Joe Conaway– SEDAC Chairperson
    Conaway & Associates

  • Ernie Felici – SEDAC Vice Chairperson
  • Kevin Yingling Treasurer
    Business Development Officer
    Delaware Electric COOP
  • Linda Price– Secretary
    President/Executive Director

Georgetown Chamber of Commerce

At Large Executive Committee Members
  • Bob Ruggio
  • Rich Hartnett
  • Lillian Harrison
Board Members
  • Joe Conaway
  • Linda Price
  • Kevin Yingling
  • David Root
  • Scott Thomas
  • Ernie Felici
  • Bob Ruggio
  • Chris Weeks
  • Ed Lewandowski
  • Pete Keenan
  • Walt Bryan
  • Lillian Harrison
  • John Martin
  • Jerry Esposito
  • Charlie Timmons
  • Bobby Horsey
  • Bob Wheatley
  • Bobbi Barends
  • Mike Vanderslice
  • Trisha Newcomer
  • Cathy Bassett
  • Zach Evans
  • Brian McGlinchey
  • Brian Shannon
  • Casey Kenton
  • Charlie Timmons
  • Chris Baker
  • David Baker
  • Derek Southard
  • Dona Troyer
  • Doug Liberman
  • Gavin Short
  • Jamie Burke
  • Jerry Denney
  • John Jones
  • Laurence Corrigan
  • Mark Davidson
  • Lorri Grayson
  • Pat Ryan
  • Patricia Anderson
  • Rob Tunnell
  • Sandra Ware
  • Preston Schell
  • Sara Pletcher
Ex Officio Board Members
  • Sussex County Association of Towns (SCAT)
  • Lauren Swain
    Delaware Division of Small Business
  • William Pfaff
    Sussex County Economic Development 
  • Jim Provo
    Small Business Administration (SBA)
Committee Chairs
  • Linda Price
    President/Executive Director/Georgetown Chamber of Commerce