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The Sussex Economic Development Action Committee, Inc. (SEDAC) is here for you. Sussex County, Delaware, is a great place to do business. Located within eight hours of a third of the eastern U.S. population, Sussex County offers an attractive tax structure, Real estate opportunity, a temperate climate and a superior quality of life. Since 1990, the county’s population has surged 73 percent as individuals and businesses recognized the area’s economic and lifestyle potential.

SEDAC is committed to retaining, expanding and attracting business to the place we call home. We do this by combining the perspectives and resources of business, government and education. We have forged this unique partnership because we believe that self-sustaining, long-term economic growth depends upon fusing the power of these distinct communities.

Our goals are to:

  • Support existing businesses
  • Foster entrepreneurship
  • Facilitate improvements to infrastructure
  • Nurture a well-trained workforce

We seek to connect businesses and entrepreneurs with the many different resources that are available to finance, coach and partner with them. Welcome to Sussex County!

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Economic Development in Sussex County, Delaware