About Us

The Sussex Economic Development Action Committee (SEDAC) was founded after the 2007 Sussex County Today and Tomorrow Conference.  That conference focused on economic development and this committee is responding to that need.  SEDAC is composed of Sussex County citizens interested in taking action to strengthen economic development efforts and bring jobs and prosperity to our community.

SEDAC is a 501(c)3 organization formed for the purpose of charitable & educational and for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations qualify for as exempt organizations under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

SEDAC Mission Statement:
To leverage the experience, intellect, and creativity of the Sussex County community to inform, develop, recommend, and communicate strategies for creating sustainable economic prosperity.

SEDAC’s overarching goal is to create self-sustaining, long-run economic growth in Sussex County by establishing the energies, institutions, and cooperative arrangements requisite for sustained economic development efforts.

SEDAC recognizes economic development as the intersection of public policy and private commerce for job and wealth creation.  With this definition in mind, two key questions face Sussex County.  First, how can Sussex County businesses, governments, community groups, residents, and educational institutions best focus their energies to promote self-sustaining economic growth?  Second, how can these groups balance a focus on economic growth with a respect for those characteristics that make Sussex County a unique locale offering a high quality of life?

SEDAC has laid out a mission statement, guiding principles, and goals that direct future economic development efforts in Sussex.

Business development efforts are focused on harnessing and creating competitive advantages—those characteristics that do or could set Sussex County apart from its rivals in the marketplace.

Efforts to foster an improved climate for entrepreneurship focus on raising community awareness of ongoing entrepreneurial activities and increasing support for existing and potential entrepreneurs.  Sussex Countians of all ages are encouraged to develop, share, and capitalize on their entrepreneurial talents.

Quality of life strategies focus on recognizing and accounting for the diversity of Sussex County’s local environments, economies, and communities; developing vibrant arts, culture, and entertainment programming; and ensuring that the public education system provides existing and potential residents with highly-competitive educational opportunities.

The provision of infrastructure has long been recognized as a key element in any economic development strategy.  Efforts to improve the provision of infrastructure in Sussex County focus on organizing to identify and advocate for needed infrastructure improvements.  Business location and expansion efforts are facilitated by readily providing infrastructure, real estate, and market information to businesses.

An educated and well-trained workforce is a necessity for long-run economic growth.  Efforts to improve workforce conditions in Sussex County focus on organizing to align educational and workforce development offering with existing and emerging marketplace needs.

This strategy is based in large part on the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) developed in 2006.  The CEDS was an open process that used community forums to identify needs and develop a strategy.  SEDAC’s activities and projects build on the original CEDS and offers concrete direction, for the economic development of Sussex County.

Sussex County Council has endorsed SEDAC’s mission, principles, and goals and a Director of Economic Development has been hired by the county.  Both are key steps that will aide in our efforts.

Economic Development in Sussex County, Delaware